Street Art in Portsmouth and Southsea

Portsmouth and Southsea has a great selection of Street Art, as you travel around the city you will spot lots of brilliant art work on buildings, back alleys and in parks and other public spaces. Street art is differentiated from graffiti as being more image based, graffiti is generally text based. Graffiti artists traditionally used spray paint to create their works and whilst street art often also uses the same medium, it can also be displayed as sticker art, stencilling, mosaics and even conventional commissioned murals.

Here is a collection of street art from around the city, hope you enjoy it, if your favourite is missing or you spot something new let us know and we will try and add it to the collection.

Albert Road

The two colourful and intricate works below, used to be found on the wall of the public toilets next to O'Neill's pub on Albert Road, Southsea, they have now been renewed. These beautiful works are by mixed media artist Roo Abrook

Street Art at Albert Road, Southsea Street Art, Albert Road, Portsmouth Street Art in Albert Road, Southsea Street Art by My Dog Sighs at Albert Road in Southsea Street Art by Fark at Albert Road in Southsea

This collection of works by local artists Din City Designs, Fark and My Dog Sighs can be found in the alleyway just off of Albert Road by Kemis Sewing Room.

The painting below left was replaced by the portrait of homocide Detective Columbo, below, in March 2023.

Urban art by Din City Designs, Albert Road, Southsea Street Art in Albert Road, Southsea

The large painting below is by acclaimed street artist Unify and was painted at the old French's Bakery site on Albert Road, 12-08-2023. Unify is known for his Love and Peace works often using dripping hearts as a background.

Street Art by Unify at Albert Road

Andrew Bell Street

Andrew Bell Street runs between Clarence Street and Market Way just behind the closed down Sainsbury's supermarket. There is large selection of street art painted on the side of some industrial units.

Street Art, Andrew Bell Street, Portsmouth Street Art at Andrew Bell Street in Portsmouth

Bransbury Park, Eastney

Painting on Bransbury Park Skate Ramp Mural at Bransbury Park in Eastney, Southsea

Canoe Lake, Southsea

This stunning work by Annatomix can be found at the tennis courts near Canoe Lake in Southsea, just north of the Rose Gardens. Annatomix is a self taught artist from Birmingham who creates murals, fine art and illustrations. She says her "main focus is around the relationship between humanity and nature - such as how humanity tries to force nature to do what it wants, and how futile that is." You can view more of her work at her website, link above, or on Instagram at @annatomix

Street Art by Annatomix at Canoe Lake, Southsea

The painting above at Canoe Lake in Southsea, has been replaced by the painting below by Argentinain Street Artist Pum Pum.

Street Art in Southsea by Pum Pum

Castle Road, Southsea

Tucked away in the quirky shopping area of Castle Road in Southsea, down a side alleyway, there is a collection of street art works, painted on three walls of the alleyway.

Street art, graffiti, Castle Road, Southsea

Charles Dickens Centre

The three works below, are part of a larger collection, that have been painted in the sports hall at the Charles Dickens Centre, a community centre in Portsmouth. They were a collaboration between local street artists My Dog Sighs and Fark Fk as part of the celebrations of World Social Work Day (16th March). The themes of the works such as "be the best version of yourself" and "overcoming adversity" came from social workers and people who use the centre who gave their views about what they would like to see from the mural.
Our thanks to Callum Murphy, Senior Campaign and Events Officer, Children, Families and Education, Portsmouth City Council for supplying these three images.

Art work by Fark at the Charles Dickens Centre, Portsmouth My Dog Sighs, painting at the Charles Dickens Centre, Portsmouth Mural by My Dog Sighs at Charles Dickens Community Centre, Portsmouth

Chewter Close - East Southsea Railway Station

Between 1885 and 1914 trains used to run from Fratton Station allowing passengers to travel directly into the heart of the seaside resort of Southsea. There were also additional stops at Jessie Road Bridge Halt and Albert Road Bridge Halt. Although the railway and the stations are now long gone these murals in Chewter Close, the redeveloped site of East Southsea Station, celebrate the steam train services that once stopped here.

East Southsea Station mural at Chewter Close, Southsea Mural commemorating East Southsea Station

Clifton Road, Southsea

Street Art in Southsea, Hampshire Street Art by My Dog Sighs in Southsea

This rainbow styled work is on a wall in Clifton Road Southsea, just off of Osborne Road.
The quote "remember be excellent to each other" appears to be a reference to the 1989 film Bill and Ted's Excellent adventure. In full, "Abraham Lincoln : seven minutes ago... we, your forefathers, were brought forth upon a most excellent adventure conceived by our new friends, Bill... and Ted. These two great gentlemen are dedicated to a proposition which was true in my time, just as it's true today. Be excellent to each other. And... PARTY ON, DUDES!" There are several works around the Southsea area which have the same message, all attributed to Fark Fk.

Wow, another excellent work by My Dog Sighs, this one is on the side of a building in Clifton Road in Southsea, but viewed from the west close to the Queens Hotel.
If you look closely into the eye you can see a couple in the sea kissing, behind them is a silhouette of South Parade Pier and even a section of the promenade at Southsea including those Victorian lamp posts that line the prom. Such a lot of detail in that one small area, brilliant. You need to move around a bit to view this one fully as there are some trees and bushes obscuring the work. As a bonus, on the fence below this painting are some of My Dog Sighs cartoon like figures.

Commercial Road

The colourful murals below are outside the food stalls Natty's Jerk Shack and Nosh Box in Commercial Road, just across the road from Portsmouth and Southsea railway station.

Street Art at Commercial Road in Portsmouth Painting by street artist Pogo at Commercial Road, Portsmouth

Debenhams Building Southsea

273 street art in Portsmouth, Hampshire Street Art in Southsea

There are quite a lot of paintings on or around the former Debenhams department store in Palmerston Road, Southsea, I guess the large empty spaces make excellent surfaces to add an artwork to.

The colourful, and dare I say angry looking, seagull work is tagged 273 by it's creator. unsurprisingly the seagull or sea bird theme is very popular in Southsea based street art. It's amazing how creative and intricate some of this street art is, it must take hours of work and effort to create and of course it could be lost or painted over so easily.

Debenhams building Southsea Steet Artists Street Art and Graffiti in Southsea Street Art by Irony at Debenhams, Palmerston Road, Southsea

The brilliant portrait above is by prolific anonymous artist Irony, you can find more of their beautiful photorealistic work on Instagram @whoamirony WOW!

Hokum Street Art in Portsmouth and Southsea

Elm Grove, Southsea

This huge painting by Dharma 77 is on the side wall of a bar on the corner of Elm Grove and St Peters Grove in Southsea. Dharma 77 is also responsible for the art works at the Orchard Road basketball court.

Exmouth Road, Southsea

Street Art in Exmouth Road in Southsea

This work by My Dog Sighs, is on the wall of Holloway Motors and the Southsea MOT Centre in Exmouth Road, just down from the Kings Theatre in Southsea.

It has some great automotive references such as gear wheels, spanners, engine components and hoses, reflecting it's location at the this garage site.

My Dog Sighs is the same artist responsible for the FA Cup Pompey tribute in Goldsmith Avenue and the Hilsea Lido mural, each of these works incorporates the trademark use of the beautiful, reflective, detailed eyes.

Fawcett Road, Southsea

Street Art by My Dog Sighs in Fawcett Road, Southsea Street Art, Fawcett Road, Portsmouth

This large work can be found on the roller shutter at Freedom Seeds, 83 Fawcett Road, Southsea. There are two pieces by 'My Dog Sighs' here. The large pair of eyes on the front of the shop and a second stick man and message just around the corner from the shopfront.


Street Art by NZIE in Fratton, Portsmouth Shock G Street Art in Fratton, Portsmouth

The powerful work by NZIE commemorates the 75th anniversary of D-Day, 1944 - 2019. It is located in the alleyway that runs parallel to the Pompey Centre to the railway bridge at Clarkes Road in Fratton. There is quite a bit of graffiti in the area, but the quality of this picture really stands out.

The second painting here RIP Shock G by Mark563 is a tribute mural depicting the American rapper Shock G of the hip hop group Digital Underground. Real name Gregory Edward Jacobs, he sadly died in 2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Goldsmith Avenue

This lovely portrait painted on a utility cabinet in Goldsmith Avenue is by local artist Winnie May. She studied at Portsmouth College of Art and Design and is also a graduate of the University of Portsmouth.

Highland Road

Kate Bush portrait by Street Artist Din City Designs Street Art by Roo Abrook in Southsea Kim Wilde street art portrait, Leopold Street, Southsea

The portrait of Kate Bush is on the wall of The Corner Collective street art gallery and workspace at the corner of Leopold Street and Highland Road. This striking work is by Din City Designs. As of January 2023 the portrait of Kate Bush has been replaced with the excellent Kim Wilde portrait, another 80s classic.

The second work here is by mixed media artist Roo Abrook and can be found just off of Highland Road, down an alleyway beside the Kani's Sewing Room shop.

Highland Road Farks

The "Peace Hope and God Vibes" mural was painted on the door of St Margaret's Community Church opposite Highland Road cemetery in Southsea, it is by local artist Fark Fk. It has now been painted over and replaced by the "Come and hear the word" design also by Fark.

Street Art by Fark in Southsea Southsea Street Art by Fark

Highland Road Portraits @POGO_UK

Stencil artist Pogo has a wall in Highland Road, just down from the Highland Fling fish and chip shop. The original portrait of a young woman wearing elbow length gloves and a large ring on her finger was in the style of Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's. French artist Pogo (@POGO_UK Instagram) has now replaced the original painting with a new design, September 2021, a young lady with roses around her head. This is a huge painting approximately 20ft high, you can't really miss it.
For more great works by Pogo visit our dedicated Pogo in Portsmouth and Southsea page.

Highland Road, Southsea mural Painting by Street Artist Pogo, Highland Road, Southsea

Hilsea Lido Mural

Street art mural at Hilsea Lido, Portsmouth

On a wall at Hilsea Lido swimming pool is this stunning pair of eyes looking out onto the world, we have chosen to show just the one. The background depicts the shimmering water of the pool, whilst within the eyes you can see a swimmer climbing the steps and emerging from the pool.

Behind the swimmer you can see the high diving platform which the Hilsea Lido pool was well known for.

Hilsea Lido opened in July 1935, during 1974 the Lido was used as a location for the filming of Ken Russell's film Tommy, based on The Who album Tommy a Rock Opera.

The Lido was the setting for Bernie's Holiday Camp in the film, you can read more about the filming of Tommy here. The mural at Hilsea Lido is of course by My Dog Sighs an internationally renowned street artist who often uses the hypnotic staring eyes within his works.

Hilsea Lido March 2023

In March 2023 a group of street artists painted a number of panels at Hilsea Lido a s part of the Hilsea Lido refurbishment project supported by the Levelling Up Fund. The original large Hilsea Lido work by My Dog Sighs, which had been partially painted over, was replaced by a new collaboration between My Dog Sighs and Fark. Other panels were painted by Roo Abrook, Brighton artist Gary Stranger, French artist Pogo, local artists Soak, Pompey Banana Club, This is Midge, Winniemey, Din City Designs, Mister Samo, M-One and Sadie Tierney.

Street ar at Hilsea Lido, Portsmouth Roo Abrook street art at Hilsea Lido, Portsmouth Street art painting by Winniemey, Hilsea lido, Portsmouth Gary Stranger painting at Hilsea Lido, Portsmouth Street Art by Pogo at Hilsea Lido, Portsmouth, March 2023 This is Midge, Street Art at Hilsea Lido, March 2023 Pompey Banana Club, Hilsea Lido Street Art at Hilsea Lido, Portsmouth Mister Samo street painting at Hilsea Lido, Portsmouth Soak street artist, Hilsea Lido, Portsmouth

Jessie Road, Southsea

Street Art by Nzie in Portsmouth Street Art in Southsea by Nzie

Two works here by local artist NZIE quite close to each other. One on the corner of Jessie Road and Esslemont Road and the second at the greengrocers shop on the corner of Jessie Road and Francis Avenue. Both pieces feature the same smiley Pompey fan in different situations.
2023 unfortunately both of these works by Nzie have now been removed, the greengrocers shop is being redeveloped and the one in Jessie Road is now covered up with a council hoarding.

Lawrence Road, Southsea

Street Art by Skint, Lawrence Road, Southsea

Market Way

Street Art by My Dog Sighs, Portsmouth Street Art, Market Way, Portsmouth

Another huge work by 'My Dog Sighs', a pair of eyes staring out of a wall in Market Way, just north of the Cascades Shopping Centre, "I wanna be yours". In the centre of the eyes you can see John Cooper Clarke on stage performing his song I Wanna Be Yours, spot lights are shining down and you can even see some people in the audience, brilliant!
"I wanna be your vacuum cleaner
Breathing in your dust
I wanna be your Ford Cortina
I will never rust
If you like your coffee hot
Let me be your coffee pot
You call the shots
I wanna be yours"

Orchard Road

My Dog Sighs art work, Orchard Road, Portsmouth

The Southsea artist My Dog Sighs supported the Wilder Portsmouth campaign led by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust by painting a unique piece of artwork entitled 'wild thing'. This painting is the latest addition to the Wilder Portsmouth project which aims to encourage more people to get involved in bringing nature back to the city.

It shows My Dog Sighs characteristic stick man carrying a clutch of bird boxes, depicting one of the many ways you can get involved in making your patch of the city a little wilder.

The Portsmouth Carers Centre, Orchard Road, is amongst the many supporters of the Wilder Portsmouth initiative in this area and it is hoped that by adding this mural in such a prominent spot on the building it will help spread the Wilder Portsmouth message to more residents of the city.

Wilder Portsmouth is a partnership project between the Southern Co-op and the Wildlife Trust. The focus of this jointly funded initiative is around encouraging people to take action to create and enhance wild spaces where they live.

It is essential that we increase the space for wildlife and help make the natural world an important part of people's lives.

Anyone who is interested in getting involved in supporting a wilder Portsmouth can get in touch at

To find more information about Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and their vision for a wilder Hampshire & Isle of Wight visit

Thanks to Andy Ames, Wilder Communities Project Officer, Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust for the information about the 'wild thing' art work by 'my dog sighs'.

Portland Road, Southsea

This large intricate floral themed painting at Portland Road in Southsea is by Curtis Hylton. The same artist responsible for the huge Pompey Pelican at Angmering House in Upper Arundel Street.

Portsea, Remembrance Day Mural

Remembrance mural at Portsea, Portsmouth

This poignant mural commemorating those who lost their lives during the First and Second World Wars, this painting is huge covering the whole side of a building in Bishop Street in Portsea, just off of Queen Street. It is slightly obscured by a neighbouring building.

This is, understandably, a dark piece featuring a poppy, the petals falling off are transforming into the cross of a gravestone and again into the doves of peace, which can be seen below the poppy.

Poppies grew in large numbers in the fields of Flanders despite the devastation and destruction caused by the battles of the First World War, inspiring John McCullough to write the poem "In Flanders Fields".

"In Flanders' fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place: and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders' fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe;
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high,
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders' Fields."

Richmond Road / Victoria Road South

Located on the corner of Victoria Road South and Richmond Road is this owl with very piercing eyes. It is an advert for Owl Motor Services in Richmond Road, hence the spanner that the owl is holding with its wing. This work is signed by the Coastguard Studio.

The work featuring the animised girl is painted on the roller shutters at banging n Brezhnev at Victoria Road South. It is a large colourful piece by Fark Fk.

Southsea street art, Owl at Richmond Road Street art in Victoria Road, Southsea

Specks Lane, Fratton Park

Street Art at Specks Lane, Portsmouth Street Art at Fratton Park, Portsmouth

In Specks Lane, behind the Milton End at Fratton Park, the walls are covered in colourful works by a variety of different artists. Above are works by GYDA and by Jasik who also features in the header to this page.

Southsea skater

This picture is tucked away round the back of Southsea skater at Southsea Seafront.

Southsea Skatepark Street Art, Portsmouth

Tonbridge Street / Palmerston Road

These two excellent portraits, along with a whole collection of other works, are on the walls of an alley which runs between Palmerston Road and Tonbridge Street beside the former Debenhams department store. They are by Dharma77 the same artist responsible for the paintings at Orchard Road basketball court just off of Goldsmith Avenue. This small alleyway is an ever changing gallery of street art, just tucked around the corner.

Southsea street art near Palmerston Road, Portsmouth Street art portrait in Palmerston Road, Southsea Push Back Street Art in Southsea Fark Fk street art in Southsea Street Artists in Portsmouth and Southsea Find Street Art in Portsmouth and Southsea

Upper Arundel Street

The Pompey Pelican by Curtis Hylton in Portsmouth Pompey Pelican street art in Portsmouth

This huge painting, the Pompey Pelican, is on the side of Angmering House in Upper Arundel Street, opposite the old post office sorting depot. Painted by Hampshire based muralist, illustrator and designer Curtis Hylton, the painting was commissioned as part of the We Shine festival in 2021.

Curtis is well known for his large scale murals combining the natural world and animals, you can view more of his work on Instagram - @curtishylton. Using spray paints his murals are striking in their size and complexity, his work can be found in Bristol, Cheltenham, London, Killarney, Waterford, Paris and many other locations around Europe.

Curtis has strong links with Portsmouth having studied Illustration at the University of Portsmouth, in 2019 he collaborated on a painting with Southsea's own My Dog Sighs at Windmill Hill in Bristol.

Victoria Park entrance

Commissioned as part of the We Shine Portsmouth Festival 2021 this large mural by Zoe Power adorns the wall at the eastern entrance to Victoria Park, close to Portsmouth and Southsea railway station.

Zoe Power is a Bristol based artist specialising in illustration, print and typography and she frequently works with individuals and creative teams to make their businesses look more beautiful. This mural is a welcome addition to the Portsmouth Street Art scene with it's colourful and dynamic depiction of park life. Thanks Zoe.

See more of Zoe's work on her website

Street Art at Victoria Park in Portsmouth

Waverley Road, south

Street painting at Waverley Road, Southsea

Wiltshire Street

This striking painting by Mark Kellet Art features on a building site hoarding in Wiltshire Street, Portsmouth. MK Art is an independent business that creates contemporary artworks. Mark is also a lecturer at HSDC College, hoping to encourage other up and coming artists, view more work and full details at

Street Art at Wiltshire Street, Portsmouth

Winston Churchill Avenue

On the wall of the Portsmouth Combined Court Centre at Winston Churchill Avenue is a huge painting by the prolific London based Street Artist Dreph. In 2017 Dreph painted a series of portraits across London depicting inspirational women of African and Caribbean descent, titled 'You Are Enough'. This painting was commissioned as part of the We Shine Portsmouth festival November 2021 and features Marie Costa who has worked as a nurse, teacher, university governor and community volunteer in Portsmouth, the painting includes a silhouette of South Parade Pier in the background.

Although based in London, dresings studied at the University of Portsmouth and is now an Illustration lecturer at the University of Portsmouth. You can view more of dresings work at his website

Street Art by Dreph at Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth